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  • Free Flight

    Free Flight


    Free Flight One of a kind Acrylic painting with bold, vibrant colors and energetic brush strokes that create a sense of power while also lending a feeling of passion and excitement to the piece16″x 20″x 2″ canvasSigned by the artist150.00 plus shipping

  • Garden Pride

    Garden Pride


    Garden Pride A Acrylic blend of pink, olive and black in harmony that captures its surreal, evocative style 20”x 20”x 2” canvas Signed by the artist 165.00 plus shipping

  • Pouring Gold

    Pouring Gold


    Pouring Gold Acrylic painting capturing the energetic and dramatic display of gold 16”x 20”x 2” Canvas Signed by the Artist $130.00 plus shipping

  • Purple Passion

    Purple Passion


    Purple Passion A Acrylic painting that reflects the regal feel of purple while also hinting at its creative potential 16”x 20”x 2” Canvas Signed by the artist  150.00 plus shipping

  • Vivid Dreams

    Vivid Dreams


    Vivid Dreams One of a kind Acrylic Painting with a Mature blend of silver copper and gold. Feel the Vibrance of this Beautiful Piece. Signed by the artist 16″x20″x1″ Canvas 130.00 plus shipping

  • Water Way

    Water Way


    Water Way A Magnificent Acrylic blend of blue, black, white and grey that seem to blend into one another as a endless sea signed by the artist 18”x 24”x 2” Canvas 175.00 plus shipping